Bottle air jet vacuum cleaning machine

We also Manufacturer of Glass Bottle air jet cleaning machine , PET Bottle air jet cleaning machine, Plastic Bottles and Jar air jet cleaning machine , air jet cleaning machine , Bottle vacuum cleaning machine , vertical air jet cleaning machine for clean Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE, LDPE Bottles, Jars , bottle washing machine

The Automatic Air Jet Cleaning Machine  is suitable for Round shaped Glass, PET, Plastic Bottles and Jar of various sizes with maximum speed of 200 containers per minute by Air Jets and Blower  Machine construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure.Machine with applications in Pharmaceutical, Food, Distilleries and many more industries.   Containers fed in upright position via an unscramble are inverted in mouth down position and linearly feed through star wheel to the chamber which is under negative pressure.   A series of nozzles blow air in the container for cleaning and are re-erected in mouth upright position at out feed.


The Automatic INVERTED type Air Jet Cleaning Machine Model Multi Pack-200 with speed of Max. 200 bottles per minute.The Air Jet Cleaning Machine applies Compressed Air through Jets and also sucks thorough suction blower. Machine can be used to clean Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE, LDPE Bottles, Jars etc. Machine suitable for cleaning of non-sterile products like Dry Syrups, and Bulk Packing of Tables and Capsules.Machine feed Bottles in upright position via an unscrambler and bottles get inverted in mouth down position and moves in Linear motion through starwheel to the chamber which under negative pressure which cleans the bottle. A series of Nozzle Blow Air in the Bottles for Cleaning. Machines unique design, invert the bottle with smooth travel path and also again transfer the bottle in vertical condition ensure trouble free cleaning operation of bottles at higher speed. Machine with easy change over system for change in bottle shape/size.Machine with built-in Turn Table which feeds container in vertical position through conveyor and bottle enters into the track specially designed which invert the bottle during the movement and put the bottle in totally inverted condition at the cleaning point where machine applies the Air and also suck through the Suction blower ensure optimum cleaning of bottles with higher speed.
  • Easy change over system from one bottle to another bottle
  • 2 Nozzle for Cleaning / Blowing Air
  • Fully Stainless Steel Finish
  • Simple Change over for different size
  • Bottle cleaning in inverted position
  • Optional A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.
Product Diameter : Upto 65 mm*
Electrical : 415VAC Three Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) and 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply
Power : 3.0 H.P.
Compressed Air : Filtered 6 to 10 Bar for Air Jet Cleaning Machine to be provided by customer only.
Speed : Upto 200 per minute depending on bottle size
Conveyor Height : 750- 840 mm Adjustable
Overall Dimensions : 3000 mm (L) x 850 mm (W) x 1225 mm (H)
* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements


  • 2 Needles for cleaning
  • All contact parts made of SS 316 materials
  • Machine construction in SS 304 material
  • Suitable for 30ml to 200ml containers (with the help of change parts)