Detergent Cleaning filling machine – Liquid soap, Glass cleaner , floor cleaner filling machines


Chemical Filling Machine

Application – Chemical Filling Machine :  Cleaning Chemicals filling machine , foamy cleansers Filling machine, Cleaning Products Filling Machine,cleaning liquid Filler, hazardous liquid filler,Glass Cleaner Filling machine. Floor Cleaner Filling machine,Toilet Cleaner Filling Machine , Liquid Detergent Filling Machine


This type of filler is best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity. liquids with solid particulates not exceeding 1/16″ can also be filled. Note that overflow fillers are the machine of choice in handling very foamy products at higher speeds.

Automatic filling machine Have following features:

  • Drip free nozzles with filling range of 50ml to 5000ml
  • Non contact electronic sensor to ensure “no bottle no fill” system.
  • Mitsubishi make plc system with 7” Touch screen  and VFD control of C.G. make for conveyor speed control.
  • Gear Pump based filling machine with contact parts in stainless steel.
  • Body frame made up of stain less steel
  • Capable of automatic intake of empty bottles / container on to the filling station and discharge after filling bottles with the help of stop and release lever pneumatically operated.
  • Fast flow and fine flow system for better accuracy, interval can be steed form PLC, Volume would be set individually for each nozzle with a increment of 1ml.
  • Servo diving system for fomable products.
  • 10 feet conveyor with 6 inches stainless steel slats and suitable for filling 50ml to 5 ltrs container along with electric motor for main drive and conveyor reduction gear box and variable frequency drive.
  • Pneumatically operated  stopper Gates for bottle entry and exit.
  • Adjustment can be made without interrupting filling sequence.
  • In built memory to store 25 filling setting data.
  • Filling accuracy of +/- 0.25%
  • 200 Ltrs stain less  steel buffer tank  with float valve.
  • Enclosed Cabinet

Power Requirement – Chemical Filling Machine:

3 Phase, 440 Volts AC., 50 Hz.

Air consumption: 1 to 2 CFM.

Load : 6 Hp