Tube Filling Machine – Tube Filler Machine For Plastic, Lemi ( Laminated), Aluminium Tube

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Description :

The machine is very simple to operate, it consists mainly, one rotating disc with interchangeable tube holding sockets for different size of tubes. Only empty tube should feed manually, after that all process like filling, closing, coding & ejection process is automatic.

Technical Specifications:

Model No.

Multi pack – TFS – 50A

Speed 40 to 45 tubes /min filling capacity.
Volume 5gm to 100gm
Tube Size dia. 12 min to 25 max.
Tube Size length 50L min to 150L max.
Power Consumption 2.5KW. Max
Size of Machine 1900 B X 1170 D X 1780 H
Net Weight 385 Kg. (Apprx.).
Gross Weight 480 Kg. (Apprx.).

Salient Features:

  • Design confirms to GMP Norms.
  • Contact parts of SS 316.
  • All operation is fully automatic.
  • Sturdy & compact design.
  • Tube holders of Nylons.
  • Relay Electrical Control Systems.
  • Operating panel with START, STOP & INCH.
  • 23 liters container acid proof.
  • No tube No fill mechanism.
  • Blow off for connection to local comp. air supply.
  • Motor for variable speed.
  • Auto Loader of Tubes.
  • Hinged Cassette Tube in feed system.
  • All moving parts are guarded and enclosed.
  • Photo-Electric Print Registration.
  • Protection Guards.
  • One set of tools.
  • One set of first aid spares.

Optional Attachment :

  • Stirrer in S.S. hopper
  • Jacketed SS hopper, having heat control arrangement with thermostat to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Attachment for cleaning of tubes by vacuum system.
  • Complete extra pump unit in Stainless Steel.
  • Acid proof with pipe connection
  • Heater & Temp. Controller.
  • Set of Tube holder for diff. dia of tube.
  • Vacuum Cleaning Device by compressed air supply.