Overflow Filling Machine , Overflow Filler Machine 2 – 24 heads

Pressure Filling Machine

Pressure Filling Machine

Application :  Pressure Filling Machine , Pressure Fillers, Perfumes Filling Machine,  Pressure Filling Machines. Automatic Liquid Pressure Filler. Automatic Overflow Filling Machine

Operation – Pressure Filling Machine :

Prssure filling machines are the most popular of all filling machines we sell. An inline pressure filler like the one below is economical, robust, and fills to a liquid level height evenly for all of the bottles which is a very important factor for consumer satisfaction. A pressure filler can be configured for automatic or semi-automatic operation with from 2 – 24 heads (depending on bottle size) and from one ounce to 10 Ltr.

In pressure overflow filling systems the product is pumped or gravity fed from a tank through a filling valve to the container. The filling valve contains an over flow tube to drain the excess product back to the supply tank and prevent overfill. The fill level of the container is determined by the depth of the overflow port within the neck of the container. When the product reaches the overflow port, the fill is completed, but the flow continues through the overflow tube until the seal on the container is broken and the valve sleeve covers the ports in the filling nozzle and stops the flow. The fill level will be the same regardless of bottle inconsistencies.

Technical Specifications – Pressure Filling Machine:

No. of filling head** As per required
Fill Size 200 ML to 5 Ltrs
Viscosity Range 2000 CPS ( Centipoises)
Foamy Product*** Yes
Corrosive Product**** Yes
Heated Product***** Yes
Electrical Specification 415v , Single Phase, 50 Hz
Air Requirement 80 to 100 PSI @ 2 CFM
Overall Dimension 1981.2 mm (H) X 1422.4 mm(D) X 3048mm(L) (Approx.)
Weight (Approx.) 1100lbs. (498.95 Kg.)

Key Feature – Pressure Filling Machine:

No Bottle No Filling System

Pneumatic Diving nozzle

Pneumatic Bottle Stoppering Arrangement

Pneumatic operated valve

Stainless Steel no drip Fill Heads

On the fly adjustments

Stainless Steel drip collection tray

Stainless Steel Food Grade Manifold with Tri-clover connections

304/316 Stainless Steel Food Grade Over flow Tank and float tank

HDPE reinforced tubing

10 Feet Stainless Steel variable speed Conveyor

Suitable Transfer Pump