Liquid Vial Bottle Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine











Liquid Vial filler machine ,Vial Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine

Multi Pack  Twin Head Volumetric Liquid Vial/Bottle Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine Model Multipack-60 is suitable for Round Vials and Bottles with maximum speed of 50 Products per minute.  we also manufacturer four head vial filling machine, six nozzle vial filler – stoppering machine , Special design Vial Filling with Rubber (Bung) stoppering machine.The Machine can give Maximum speed of 50 Vials / Bottles per minute depending on nature of Liquids, Vial/Bottle Neck Diameter, Fill Volume and Rubber Stopper size. Machine construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure. Machine with built-in Turn Tables at In-feed with individual drives to match the speed of Filling and Stoppering for smoother operation. All parts coming in contact with Liquids and Rubber Stoppers are made from SS 316 Materials. Machine suitable for full as well as half stoppering.
  • · contact parts are made of SS 316 material with easy removal system for
  • Machine construction in SS 304 and contact parts SS 316 material
  • Diving Nozzle for Foam free filling
  • Very High Fill Accuracy + 0.5 %
  • Automatic Infeed and Exit of Vials/Bottles including stoppering
  • No Product – No Fill System, No Product – Machine Stop System
 Model  Multipack – Vial Filling – 60
Vial/Bottle Diameter : 16mm to 52mm*
Vial/Bottle Height : 85mm Maximum*
Rubber Stopper Diameter : 13mm and 20mm Dry or Wet Grey Butyl
Fill Range : 1ml to 100ml with the help of Change Parts / Syringes
Accuracy : +/- 0.5% Depending on Liquid with Single Dose
Electrical : 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
Power : 2.0 H.P.
Speed : Max. 50 per minuite
Syringe Fill Range: 0.1ml to 1ml, 1ml to 5ml, 2ml to 10ml and 10ml to 50ml and 50ml to 100ml*
Conveyor Height : 760-850 mm – depend of capping and filling line height
* Multipack – Specification can be changed as per customers requirements