Face Wash Filling Machine ,Liquid Soap/ Hand Wash Filling Machine

Face Wash Filling Machine

Face Wash Filling Machine

Application : Liquid Soap/ Hand Wash Filling Machine ,Liquid Soap Filling Machine , Liquid Detergent Filling Machine ,Glass Cleaner filling machine ,Floor Cleaner Liquid Filling & Capping Machine,Liquid Floor Cleaner filling line,Toilet Cleaner Filling Machine.

The Multipack perfect liquid packaging system starts when you have selected Filling Machine that suits the production needs. Fillers are employed in high capacity packaging businesses, labs, sample rooms, etc. These machines are also used by companies engaged in foods and beverages, cosmetics and candles, chemicals and lubricants, pharmacy products. Even companies of the FMCG sectors also make use of such filling machines.

Multipack Machinery deals in industrial filling for pharmaceutical companies. They have an enviable standing in the industry due to the high professional standard they have set. They deliver quality, have high standard Liquid Bottle Filling Machine, utmost hygiene is maintained in the plants; all these make them a desired company in the filling industry. The supply line consists of bottle washing machines, automatic filling machines, liquid syrup manufacturing plant, cap sealing machines and many more industry oriented machines.

Any Overflow Filling Machine that we sell is just the ideal for filling liquids with thickness intensity of low to medium. As mentioned, that these machines are the best for high speed filling – our products are made just that way. Our machines are bliss to FMCG companies. We design products so as they can handle all containers made up of rigid plastic, metal, and glass. All of our overflows filling machines also known as Liquid Soap Filling Machine are crafted from the best and heavy-duty stainless steel casings with each of the contact areas crafted out of food grade matter.

Features – Face Wash Filling Machine:

  • Self Centering Bottle Locators
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Casings
  • Rapid Container Swop
  • Spring Loaded Positive off Needles
  • One Button Auto Program
  • Foot Pedal Operation
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • No Bottle No Filling System
  • GMP Model
  • A.C. Drive to verify the machine & Conveyor’s Speed
  • Pneumatic Bottle Stopping Arrangement
  • Stainless Steel no drip Fill Heads
  • On the Fly Adjustments
  • Centrifugal Transfer Pump
  • Digital Production Counter