Paint Filling Machine

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Multipack machine supply In Line Filling machines. These machines range from simple single head units to high speed multi-head machines with cappers to suit. Built to the highest industry standards and used by many major companies world-wide, these machines can cater for a wide range of viscosities from paint to inks, water to mayonnaise, soft-gels, creams, oils etc. In Line Filling machines are widely used in the food and chemical industries.

The Multipack range of filling machines are capable of handling from 5ml to 1000 litres. The range contains semi automatic, automatic in-line, pneumatic and electric servo drive volumetric fillers, weigh fillers and drum/IBC fillers. They are fast, accurate, reliable and flexible, and we can provide bespoke innovative filling solutions for special applications.

Custom Built

Machines can be custom built to fill the most aggressive chemicals to full ATEX explosion proof standards. We use piston filling techniques and also the latest in magnetic and mass-flow meter equipment to achieve very accurate filling of product.

Previous Customers

Over the years we have had the privilege of supplying many large multinational companies, as well as countless small and medium sized companies.


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