Filling machine for ointment, bechamel and fruit juice – наполнения и укупорки машины

The single (double) head automatic ointment filling machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) human and machine interface technology, equipped with imported photoelectric track switch from Japan, which is suitable for filling ointment products in the industries such as ointment, oil products, syrup, shampoo, bechamel and fruit juice etc. The filling nozzle will be automatically inserted into the bottle to carry out the filling and then rapidly ascend, which can reduce the air bubbles. The product integrates electric and pneumatic functions into one, with reasonable design, stable performance, accurate quantity, glass table surface, automatic bottle feeding, steady operation without noise, electric speed control to the filling speed and filling volume and convenient maintenance and cleaning. The new type filling equipment is the best choice for the realization of automatic production.



Techincal parameter


Filling volume(ml)      Productivity(b/h)     Filling speed      source pressure

0-50                       500-1000               Adjustable        0.4-0.8mpa

50-300                    500-1500               Adjustable        0.4-0.8mpa

300-500                   500-1300               Adjustable       0.4-0.8mpa

500-1000                  400-1000               Adjustable       0.4-0.8mpa


Most suitable for to , container , bottle , cans .etc. in the high range of 50,100,250,500, 1000 gms per stroke can be used for paste filler ,cream filler, ointment filler, jelly filler . High viscosity material can also fill like Chawanprash filler, chatni filler etc

Machine is supplied with 3 sets of standard nozzle and vertical filling attachment for jars and tube with complete electric fitting including electric motor 3 Phase or single phase 1440 RPM with suitable reduction gear box. All contact part s made out of S.S.304/316 quality including syringe , piston nozzle and hopper
Operational part of M.S. Construction duly cladded/fitted with S.S.sheets

Above machine comes in 3 different models- as under 

A) hopper operated :- in which hopper moves up and down and piston remains stable
B) Piston operated :- in which piston moves up and down and hopper remains stable
C) Piston with valve operated :- this machine consist of the machine body which houses a motor and reduction gear box , an adjustable stroke piston running in a stainless steel metering cylinder , a quick –acting valve and hopper . during each cycle the piaton draws out the required quantity of cream from the hopper and discharge it in to empty container
Most suitable for filling high viscosity ,crystal material like Chawanprash and pickle can also