Viscous Liquid Filling Machine , Viscous fillers

VISCOUS FILLING MACHINE for Shampoo , Cream, Lotions, Masala, Pastes, Ghee, Honey, Jam, chavanprash etc viscous product



Volumetric pneumatic piston filling tech technology  with PLC controlled system.  The viscous filler machine can Fill from 10ml to 50ml, 50ml and 300ml and 100ml to 1liter and above.Without change part and up to 5 liters in multiple stoke. Available Heat resistant cylinder and chemical resistant and jacketed hopper for hot filling.    Special Stirrer in the Hopper .


The Viscous filler machine can handle product which can filled like Cream, Lotions, Pre-Cooked, Masala, Pastes, Ghee, Honey, Jam, chavanprash and etc.     Foaming and Spillage controlling in Diving Nozzle.

Viscous Filling Machine with Two ,Four , Six , Eight, Ten and Twelve head filling machine available with different filling range and also we make customized machines as per customer requirement.