Liquid Syrup Filling Machine – Oral Liquid filling machine for bottle


Liquid Syrup Filling Machine

Liquid Syrup Filler machine , Oral Liquid filling machine

Description – Liquid Syrup Filling Machine:

Liquid Syrup Bottling Line , Syrup Filling Line ,Automatic Syrup Filling Line , Syrup bottle filling machine, which is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body. This unit works on volumetric principal and reciprocating self-centring device.

Operation – Liquid Syrup Filling Machine:

Nozzle goes upwards slowly from the bottom level of bottle towards neck during filling to minimize forming adjustable nozzle is reciprocating according to filling dose

The dosing block with a hexagonal bolt, this means different fill size can be set easily within minimum of time.

The main drive consists of a helical gearbox driven by A/c motor & through controlled by an Ac frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute. The conveyor drive consists of a hallow shaft, geared motor controlled by an Ac frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of conveyor.

Technical Specification – Liquid Syrup Filling Machine:

Output/Min 30-240 depending on material foaming character
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Number of head/syringe 4 Nos.
Fill Size 10– 1000 ml as per requirements
ElectricalSpecification Main Machine 2.0 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.
Conveyor 1.0 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor 860 mm to 910 mm adjustable.
Net Weight 600 Kgs.
Change parts required (A) Syringes. (B) Nozzle (C) Inlet & outlet hose pipe

Salient Features – Liquid Syrup Filling Machine:

  • The unit is made compact & versatile
  • S.S. Slat conveyor.
  • S.S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body
  • No Container No filling system.
  • Reciprocating Filling nozzle with self centring device
  • Variable A/c Frequency Drive.
  • Pneumatically operated bottle stopper

Utility Requirement – Liquid Syrup Filling Machine:

  • Electrical supply                 : 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
  • Electrical load                    : 2 KW
  • Air Pressure                       : Minimum: 5 Kg/cm2   Qty:  5 C.F.