Gels, creams, lotions cosmetic contract manufacturing

Cosmetic contract manufacturing company India.

We offer for lotion contract manufacturing , liquids Contract manufacturing for liquids, gels Contract manufacturing, creams Contract manufacturing , lotions Contract manufacturing, hot pour solids Contract manufacturing and ointments Contract manufacturing india.

offer the capability to fill a complete line of products including liquids, gels, creams, lotions, hot pour solids and ointments. Our equipment can produce your products in tubes, bottles and jars, from the smallest sample sizes to industrial size bulk containers. We are able to adapt our equipment to provide your products in many different sizes and quantities, to be sure that your order is produced and shipped as quickly as possible.


Multipack is a private label, contract manufacturing company with manufacturing abilities ranging from creams, liquids and gels to tablets, capsules and soft gets. From our state of the art 78,000 square foot facility, Multipack has been in operation in Ahmedabad, India.

From delicate serums to basic shower gels and shampoos, our compounding and fill equipment is able to blend and produce all your product needs. We offer flexible minimum order amounts and unparalleled customer service.


A partial list of our many product lines includes:

  • Anti-Acne Products
  • Anti-Aging creams, lotions, serums
  • Children’s Skin Care Products
  • Facial washes, scrubs, lotions, creams, masques
  • Hair Care Products
  • Body lotions, scrubs, creams
  • Botanical Formulas
  • Diaper Creams
  • Exfoliators
  • Eye creams, lotions, serums
  • Hot pour (lip balms, hair care)
  • Hand Lotions, creams
  • Lip Products
  • Moisturizers
  • Cosmetic
  • Skin Care
  • Nail and Cuticle Creams
  • Night Creams
  • Natural Formulas
  • Shaving products
  • Sunscreen products
  • Massage Lotions
  • Men’s Products
 Additional Capabilities:

• Packaging Design      • Product Kitting and Assembly      • Exporting Documentation Assistance