Cosmetic contract manufacturing

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private Label & Contract custom skincare contract manufacturer of cosmeceuticals, natural and organic skincare products, spa products, sunscreens, OTC, acne products, personal care and pet care

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  • Honey contract manufacturing India
  • Shampoo contract manufacturing India
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Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing Services – Multipack’s cosmetic contract manufacturing services include custom and stock formulations, cosmetics color matching, package development and sourcing, bulk cosmetic filling, product labeling, pack-outs, re-work and kit assembly.


Bulk Cosmetic Filling and Packing
Our bulk cosmetic filling and packing capabilities encompass glass and plastic jars, bottles and tubes.  We can design, source and pack all types of primary and secondary cosmetic packaging.  We also offer gift set and kit assembly.

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing Specialists
Our team of cosmetic contract manufacturing specialists is equipped with extensive experience in many facets of the cosmetics industry.  Chemists, product development specialists, packaging engineers and testers work one-on-one with each client to create products that incorporate natural and organic ingredients.  We adhere to stringent quality control processes within our GMP-compliant facility that meet all cosmetic industry regulations.  Multipack leads the way in the cosmetic contract manufacturing industry when it comes to offering the hottest colors, knowing the latest trends, and utilizing the healthiest and most natural raw materials.

Wholesale Cosmetic Production Facilities
As a full-service cosmetic bulk supplier, Multipack can handle all size runs, from very small to extremely large.  In addition to offering large scale cosmetic manufacturing, we can also provide small scale production options for sampling and testing purposes