Vial filler, vial liquid filling & rubbers stoppering machine

liquid vial filling with rubber stoppering machine for glass vials.

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vial filler, vial liquid filling & rubbers stoppering machine . The Vial filling machine manufacturers machine consist of Two Side turntables, S.S. slat conveyor belt, eccentric pre-gassing, filling & post –gassing S.S. -316 nozzles precision built S.S. – 316 Syringes, silicon rubber tubings, easy – reach compact panel etc. Due to its minimum distance between filling and stoppering, the risk of contamination is reduced.

It is designed for operating in a sterile area and for utilizing it under laminar flow protection. The un-scrambler itself has been designed in the machine to eliminate dead ends and difficult to clean spot.

  • Filling, Rubber Stoppering & Pressing Unit is completely in corporate in single body Structure.
  • Inbuilt two side turn table.
  • All Liquid Contact Parts are of S.S. 316, the Body Structure is built up of S.S. 304 Pipe.
  • Co-eccentric Nozzles allows very quick and precise setting and making unit compact and manageable.
  • Crafted S.S. Holder, Lapped Glass as well as S.S. Syringes
  • No vial, No Stopper – Machine Stop System.
  • Easy reach compact panel provides ease and operation
  • Minimum Change over Time. From one size of container or fill size to another.
  • Each Important individual part required for autoclaving/ sterilization can be removed easily.
  • Can run dry and wet rubber stoppers
Suitable for below industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ayurvedic
  • Herbal
  • Pesticide
  • cosmetic
  • chemicals
  • Food
  • And in other allied company and industries.