Liquids Vial Filling machine , injectable liquid filler with Vials stopping machine

Automatic Vial Filling & Sealing Machine – Liquid


Vial filling machines are used to fill vials and bottles with liquids, viscous material and suspensions and vial-filling-machine powders. Automatic vial filling equipment fills injectable liquid into glass vials and these machines are made in compliance with GMP guidelines.One of the most widely used liquid filling machine, vial filling machines are highly demanded in the pharmaceutical industry

Vials stopping unit at the dosing station, composed of a sectioned star wheel equipped with an electro-mechanical stopping device.
Vials moving unit composed of a conveyor belt and a picking up feeding screw for bunging operations. Dosing unit, composed of a support where stainless steel rotary piston syringes are placed.
Bungs feeding unit, composed of a vibrating feeding bowl, a vibrating feeding chute and a separating star-wheel.
Easily replaceable change parts with minimum setting time to accept different sizes of vials.
All controls through Programmable Logic, Controller or optionally through electrical interlocks.

Vials coming from the infeed turntable, are carried by the conveyor belt towards the dosing unit. A sensor, placed at the machine inlet, controls its charge stopping the machine in case of low quantity of vials. Vials entering the dosing unit are stopped downstream by an alveolate star-wheel which guarantees the perfect alignment of each vial with the relevant filling needle. Vials exiting the filling station are conveyed towards the capping unit. A sensor, controls the right position of each vial to verify an eventual upset of the feeding screw due to the machine immediately. Bungs are charged in to a feeding bowl, placed above the bunging unitand by means of vibrating bowl, they reach the feeding star wheel which seperates and place them near the capping disc. Each suction pin on the capping disk will pick up thr bung by vacuum holding it during the rotation of the disc and until it is set vertically so as to plig the bung into each vial. The bunged vial will be transferred by the feeding screw towards the pressing unit where a wheel will press the bung completely onto the vial in order to guarantee it’s perfect closure.
Technical Specifications
Rated speed (8H) : 290 to 310 Vials/minute
Rated speed (6H) : 190 to 210 Vials/minute
Rated speed (4H) : 120 to 15
Speed Range : Infinitely variable Automatic speed selection depending on vial feed by AC inverter.

Electrical Energy
Installed Power 1 HP
Line Voltage 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.



What is a Vial ?
A vial is a small sized glass vessel or bottle, used for storing medication like liquids, powders or capsules.
Vial Filling Process
The machine comprises an intake section which loads the vials, which are then transferred through an intermittent transport section. These liquid vial filling machines  also have a liquid filling section which fill the vials with predetermined quantity of liquid or viscous material. Finally the filled vials are released and discharged from the machine outlet.
These high technology machines allow for bottom-up filling of vials with additional features like ‘no-vial-no fill’ capability, almost similar to the working of  tube filling machines. This is to ensure that no vial goes to the next section without being filled. The sensors reject the vials not filled. Check weight feature enables to maintain consistency in the weight of vials. Certain filling equipments are so designed as to accommodate rapid size changes and can be used to fill vials with both liquids and powder. The output of machine depends on the process parameters and the technology of the machine.
Uses of Vial Filling Machines
  • These machines are ideal for cGMP Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Healthcare industry.
  • They are applicable in both sterile and non-sterile applications.
  • They are also suited  for filling & stoppering liquid fill vials for added flexibility.
Application of Vial Filling Machine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ophthalmic
  • Biotech
  • Animal health and related industrie