Rubber Bung Stopper washing machine for rubber/latex stoppers for vials and bottles.


Offering Automatic Bung Washing Machine:

Capacity ranging from 5000 to 50000 bungs of 20 MM dia/cycle with different washing media. Bungs holding baskets pneumatically lifted for easy unloading. Untouched washing process with full automation. Stopping pipelines to ensure effective removal of water and hence check in microbial growth.
All side enclosed paneling for the frame adds to the aesthetic & compactness of the machine.
Furnished with all sanitary type valves. Single side utilities to avoid mess of the incoming pipelines and thus gets better access for maintenance. Provision for various programs of washing i. e. sequential and On demand. PLC Program available for simultaneous operation of all baskets OR independent basket.

Suitable for washing of rubber/latex stoppers for vials and bottles. Unit consists of outer container of  S.S. with overflow through. Inner product holder is a S.S perforated basket. The basket is than put in the outer container, washing water flows from a centrally locketed S.S. pipe. Filtered compressed air is passed through specially designed sparger pipe which generates a highly velocity flow pattern and fluidizes the rubber stoppers.

The water in the container can be heated if required, by an electric heater or a steam coil provied. After each wash-cycle quick draining possible with 1 ½” drain valve. All contact parts are made out of S.S. 316 quality.                               

Complete unit as per our standard.