Cooking Oil Filling Machine , Bottle oil filling machine

Cooking Oil Filling Machine

Cooking Oil Filling Machine

Specifications – Cooking Oil Filling Machine:

Cooking Oil Filling Machine
With CE certificate
Long service life
Low maintenance rate
Meets GMP requirement

Overview – Cooking Oil Filling Machine

This metering pump filling machine is specially made for all viscous materials, such as lubricant, petrol, engineer oil etc. The machine adopts 2.5L position pump and rotary valve for filling. By adjusting the 2.5L position pump, it can fill 1L/ 4L/ 5L bottles, with quick speed and high precision.

Technical parameter – Cooking Oil Filling Machine:

There can be some minor changes & modification in the Technical Specification for the best improvement of the machine, while designing as per your requirement.

Filling material oil
Filling nozzle 2 to 16
Filling volume 1L/4L/5L
Position pump volume 2.5L
Filling speed 1L: 2500~2800bottles/hour4L: 800~1000bottles/hour5L: 600~800bottles/hour
Filling precision ±0.5%
Air consumption 0.6~0.8MPa
Power 380v 2p 60Hz
Power 1.5Kw
Single machine noise ≤50dB
Weight 1200Kg
Machine size L2500*W850*H2000mm