Heavy Duty Spindles For Ring Twisting & Doubling Frames

We manufacture and export of Spindles For Ring Spinning & Doubling Frames , Spindles With Special Spinning Head To Limit Tension Of Baloon , Heavy Duty Spindles For Ring Twisting & Doubling Frames , Speclal & Extra Heavy Duty Spindles , Spindle Inserts , Flange Type Bobbins.

JAYLAXMI.” spindles are used by the majority of the renowned ring spinning and twisting/Doubling machine manufacturers because of it s high quality performance.

JAYLAXMI experience in manufacturing twisting and doubling Spindles for the following applications

Applications :
Draw Twisting
Nylon Rope Industry
PP Industry
Type Cord Yarn Industry
Fish Net Industry
Jute Industry
Woolen Industry

We manufacture tailormade Heavy Duty spindle to cater to the needs of our customers in Various lifts incorporated with HZ-30,HZ-44,HZ-55,HZ-68, and HZ-77 inserts dependingUponapplication.

Spindles shaft made out of special steel.

Uniform hardness.

Each and every spindles dynamically balanced.

Can be supplied with imported inserts.

Can be supplied with any kind of brake system.

High Speed Aluminium plug Type, Low Weight Energy Saving Spindle for spinning. Wharve diameter 18.50 mm and 20.20 mm.

Aluminium Plug Type Doubling Spindle. Wharve diameter : 22.20 mm and above.

Woolen and Worsted Spindles & Draw Twister Spindle with SKF bolster

Heavy Duty Spindles with MMM SL-55 / SL-68 Bolster for Twisting / Cabling, Type Cord, Jute, H.D.P.E., P.P. yarn, Fishnet and Fibre Glass Industries.

Yarn Fishnet and fiber glass indusry Complete Range of Heavy Duty Bolster / Inserts SL-44, SL-55, SL-68, SL-77, and special extra heavy bolsters.