Emulsifier Mixer Machine For Ointment, Cream, Cosmetic

This machine ,ie 500L tilting vacuum homogenizing emulsifying mixer ,is integrating vacuum defoaming, blending, homogenizing, heating and electric control etc. It is an ideal device for producing high and middle level creams and honeys etc. The machine is composed of vacuum homogenizing and emulsifying boiler, oil phase boiler, water phase boiler, operation platform, vacuum system and material pressing system etc.


1.Main Boiler (Double Layer)
No Item Configuration and Parameters Mark
1.1 Volume Overall volume:600L;Working Volume:500L Loading Coefficiency 0.8
1.2 Heating Electric heating  Power:64.5KW
1.3 Basic Structure Double Layer,Lifting cover,tilte the tank to discharge,

scraped agitatorin the upperside,
Homogenizer lowerside

 1.4 Tank Material contact later:SUS316L;Thickness:6mm; Jacket 6mm;


Total Thickness:50mm
1.5 Cover Material filter,Vacuum Pressure meter,Vacuum Exhaust Valve,Vacuum Port,sight glass light,

Vision window,inlet,perfume Hopper;

No Dead space,
Sanitory Valve
1.6 agitator scraped SUS316L
Stirring coefficiency: Stirrer motor:5.5KW,Speed:0~63R/M; Motor(SIEMENS),
Delta Converter
1.7 Homogeneous Way Installation,internal circulation; SUS316L
Motor Power11KW,Rotating speed 3000R/M Motor(SIEMENS)
Processing Rotor and Stator in Wire cutting,assembled after polishing Balance process axle
1.8 sealing Burgmann Machinery Seal,Japan NSK Rolling Bearing;
1.9 polishing In&outside hygiene grades,conforming GMP standard S320U
2.Water Boiler
2.1 Volume 450L volume Loading Coefficiency 0.8
2.2 Heating Steam heating,Tap water cooling Power 0.55KW
2.3 Construction three layers,down stirring,Botton outlet
2.4 Material Inner:SUS316,Thickness 3mm SGS certificated
Jacket:Q235B 5mm thickness Total Thickness:50mm
Outer shell: SUS304,2mm thickness Heat Preservatory:Silicon Sulphate
2.5 Agitation down blending,power 2.2KW,1440r/m Siemens
2.6 polishing 300EMSH,GMP standard 320U
3.Oil Boiler
3.1 Volume 200L volume Loading Coefficiency 0.8
3.2 Heating Electric heating,Tap water cooling Power 12KW
3.3 Construction three layers,down stirring,Botton outlet
3.4 Material Inner:SUS316,Thickness 3mm SGS certificated
Jacket:Q235B 5mm thickness Total Thickness:50mm
Outer shell: SUS304,2mm thickness Heat Preservatory:Silicon Sulphate
3.5 Agitation TOP blending,power0.55KW,1440r/m Siemens
3.6 polishing 300EMSH,GMP standard 320U
4. Electronic Control System:
4.1 Electroni control
cabinet connectedwith machine main


Shell Material: SUS304stainless steel,thickness 2mm Stainless steel granulation surface
Instrument: thermometer,timer,ampere-voltage meter Delixi
Button:control button for different functions,power on light,sudden stop etc Shanghai Shuangke
electric component:various control relays East China Electric
4.2 Lifting system: Hydraulic lifting,pump 1.5KW; Hydraulic Oil
4.3 Temprature
Bottom-inserted,Sanitory,PT100,50-200℃ M12 Screw connection