Top & Bottom Label Applicator – Top & Bottom Labeler

High Efficient Labeling on Top and Bottom surface at one time. For the budget conscious the Eco Top the same powerful Servo head as our higher end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic top labeler.Speeds of over 100 per minute can be obtained. Options can include conveyors, coders, stands and many others. Although economical this is a fine labeler with a label dispense head that is so rugged and accurate that others have a hard time competing with its performance.In the space available it is hard for us to tell you all we can do, and indeed have done, so give us a call and tell us what you need to have done.


  • Stepper Motor for fast and accurate labeling performane
  • In Line Application or Independent Operation
  • Optium Sensing System offer the most accurate position
  • Auto label set and positioning
  • 6 speed selection of labeling and conveyor
  • Two Copies applicators Height and angle adjust by easy handwheel
  • Controlled by Microprocessor, LED display
  • Encoder Technology Fully Synchronizes Conveyor with Dispensing
  • Customized Conveyor by Product size
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Construction


  • Stepper Motor Driven
  • Labeling Speed:30~80 pcs/ min
  • Accuray:± 1mm
  • Label Length:10~250 mm
  • Label Width:10~100mm
  • Label Roll:Inner diemeter 75mm Outer diemeter 300mm
  • Power:Single Phase 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Product Dimesion:(L)1900mm (W)840mm (H)1423mmss